Collectors of Ancient Asian Artifacts
I actually met these clients at the gym…their beautiful high rise condominium needed a face lift when it became their principal residence.The project, including a new custom kitchen, was completed in 12 weeks for a Christmas deadline...
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Lely Model
This model was completed in January 2011 in the Lakoya neighborhood in Lely. I was asked to use a yellow color story…I wanted the home to feel spacious and open, with more room for family and friends...
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Gulf View Penthouse
This penthouse project was the opportunity for the home owners, two very focused individuals, to delve into the creation of a space that expressed their refined sensibilities.
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Beach Cottage in the Sky
This home is in a high rise building on Naples beach, and so often this type of space isdesigned with a contemporary style. I was delighted that this client wanted a vibrant and colorful beach cottage feeling with lots of charm and personality.
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Sweden at Home in Lely
A delightful family from Sweden contacted me to help with this new construction project.The owners and I designed their home entirely via the internet. I met the family in person when they arrived for a holiday visit and they saw their new home for the first time.
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